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Actress Bose Alao releases her DM with someone claiming that her colleague, Bide…

Actress Bose Alao releases her DM with someone claiming that her colleague, Bidemi Kosoko, is sleeping with her footballer husband, Omotoyosi



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  1. @gentledoverebecca get your ass off here. It was same person wrote the DM and replied. Same font size and language code. Amu ni buni yoruba people…smhhhhhhhhh.

  2. @instablog9ja the person behind all this saga is @iam_shai Seyi Edun and she is doing this because Bidemi is not in support of her snatching Toyin aimakhu’s husband. Seyi is a hoe, prostitute and a bitch. Very dirty girl that can fuck even wood. She has been looking for a way to bring @bidemikosoko and I guess this is a failed attempt……@instablog post this for the world to see. @iam_shai is the culprit….

  3. The same person wrote the DM and replied herself. Language code. Notice the same way they don’t use fullstop? But they use the “comma”. It is very very difficult for two people to write the same way. I also don’t find her first response appropriate. She sounded like somone that already know the girl was sleeping with her man. The usual first question will be filled with shock. WHERE is the location of this house not when was it paid for would have been the first thing everywoman will want to find out atleast once the address is correct it will confirm the authenticity of the person.
    Finally, this lady found out Bidemi is seeing her husband but found a very subtle way to call her out publicly.

    Cc: Sdk Anonymous

  4. Hatred of highest order, maybe she was the one sleeping with this girl husband and now want to put it on somebody’s head. Bose alao you better keep your home and pray for your marriage, busybody like this are always looking for a way to make you sad.

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