Comedian @ajebodcomedian airs view on @audumaikori ‘s case with the Government. …

Comedian @ajebodcomedian airs view on @audumaikori ‘s case with the Government.



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  1. I totally disagree with this dude. Am not sure he knows what the consequences of some statements are? I pray you don’t fall victim of reprisal attack and killings due to misinformation on social media. We all owe it a responsibility to quell and not fuel crisis

  2. @ajebocomedian I agree that people can saw what they want to say on social media. You dey Lagos dey talk nonsense if say that @audumaikori tweet set up crisis in the north you will be safe and people like me that stay in the north and have seen terrible crises caused by incitement of false info will continue to count loses. Bro it doesn’t end at just apology! People need to stop hate tweets even though it is free on SM.

  3. Cos Audu is popular, doesn’t change the law, yea he apologized, but stop saying they tryna bully him cos of power n stuffs…I really want Audu to be free, but lets face it, he was wrong n if Audu was an average person know one would speak out for him. Like saying corrupt leaders apologized or a thief, so we overlook. Its cos laws aint fully implemented in this country. He was contacted n told to stop the false news, he refused….but pple wont say that…not hapoy he is been tossed around, but stop the its bad govt or show case of power etc

  4. That elrufai man is a bastard! He called Jonathan a terrorist plenty times and was never arrested, he was responsible for the demolition of over 500 houses in abj sending a lot of innocent people to bank touch and early graves. The issue of the south kaduna killing was true and real but the govt tried covering it up. Imo that man should be investigated. #theycantmuteus #freeaudumaikori

  5. Am so pissed with d way they victimize people in this country. El Rufai should release him and let him go. Can’t people err their views or speak their minds anymore in this country??? They won’t say a word about the killing of innocent people in the Northern part of d country due to religiously biased citizens especially d muslims who are violent in nature & dnt see anything wrong in shedding of blood, maiming or taking lives. God is watching you all! Ur day of reckoning is at hand!

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