Daily Horoscope, April 2, 2017: What your Zodiac sign says today

Here's a short forecast for the 12 zodiac signs.


Today isn't so great but it isn't too bad either, hence a lot of middles. You may have some issues with an authority figure. Also, you might find something to do with church, politics or race, stifling or negative. Things improve later in the day, however.


Today is not the perfect day for financial discussions, neither is it any better for discussions on shared property, shared responsibilities, wills or inheritances. People are more inclined to disagree and criticize today.


Relations with others will not be so easy going as the Moon is in your sign for most of the day, opposing Saturn and at odds with Venus. You might feel cut off, a bit lonely or ill at ease. By evening, however, you’ll feel better.


It's a tough day for those who work as relations with colleagues might be strained. This can apply to any kind of work you choose to do today. Even pet-related issues will be challenging today.


It's a tricky day today which might generate problems for social situations, playful activities with children, sports events and fun times. There would be obstacles to overcome but they will diminish by the end if the day and you will enjoy yourself.


Relations with older family members might be stressed today. Relations with partners and close friends will be the same. fortunately, it's nothing major so you can handle yourself. The dust will be settled by evening and you will be fine.


Do your best to avoid controversial topics of discussion today. They will quickly turn into arguments or criticisms. You can squeeze in a quick nap since you need some more sleep.


It is not a good day for financial discussions about how to divide or share something. You will be at a disadvantage as you are feeling financially strained. Leave this for another day.


Don't make a big deal about anything today is you want to get along well with others. The moon is opposite your sign for a good part of the day which means you should try to accommodate others.


You might get some criticisms from someone at work or anywhere you find yourself today. In addition, something that is pet-related might create increased responsibilities for you. Just go with the flow because the obstacles will be gone by the end of the day.


Do not let an authority figure ruin things for you today. It is easy for people to feel critical of each other today and although criticisms have their perks, praise always does more.


A family member might be all over you today, especially someone older or in authority. This means that family discussions will be strained today. However, things will mellow out later in the day.

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