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@joroolumofin tells ladies to go on dates with their natural hair and with no ma…

@joroolumofin tells ladies to go on dates with their natural hair and with no makeup on. “Some guys don’t know what their girlfriends bare face looks like, too many fake plastic ladies out there”



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  1. @instapolnaija no I’m just revealing how stupid it is when people are shallow and hypocritical. His opinion, though he’s entitled to it, shows his ignorance. So does yours.

  2. @badboycurtis….bread wey fall enter water!!?? Lame!!! See your long neck like lizard wey dem born for desert….. Using your leprous infested fingers to type rubbish#

  3. But on a lighter note do any seem to understand the fact that too much make up Mk d skin shrink….It Mk one lost the confident in oneself abt the natural beauty ,to d extent that u wouldn’t be able to go out without it..No matter what Ull feel u ain’t beautiful enough…It’s all about self confidence…It’s NT a matter of not using makeup at all but using it at d right time N not to d extent of beating the face to level where u LL loose ur real look….Some people cannot leave their house to d grocery without make up..Mkup isn’t beauty the beauty is natural N within oneself.#fact

  4. @badboycurtis..grow some flesh boy….taking pics with walls and looking like some Somalia refugee in designers doesn’t make u look natural BTW your Adam,’s apple so funny

  5. @templov you got jokes. So you don’t even understand a simple expression? You had to read 15 times before your frontal lobe could process it! Wow.. Your non wearing makeup ass doesn’t bother anyone why are u so bothered about people wearing makeup? Is it your makeup? Mrs natural

  6. you people only complain after you’ve chased and gotten the “barbie girls”. its what you went for so why complain afterwards? The natural girls are there staring you in the face but no. Men are naturally superficial so miss me with all that dont wear makeup bullshit. P.S hunku we want to see what you’d look like without ur beards, haba dah?

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