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“My Friend, My Blessing” Read Sayo and Dotun’s growing Story of Love + See their Wedding Photos | Dele Oyedepo Photography

Sayo and Dotun would have missed each other but Fate said No! Because when two people are meant to be nothing ever stands in the way of their love.

Their ceremony was so unique in that the lovely pair refused to have any bridal party and their wedding was still the best that they could have asked for.

Spending the rest of my life with my best friend is a blessing, “the” blessing we all pray for! 

Congratulations! From BellaNaija Weddings!

∼ Photography: Dele Oyedepo D2tography

Their Love Story
According to the Bride, 
“As I have planned, so shall it be and as I have purposed so shall it stand” – Isaiah 14:24
I almost missed my Mr. Right but God had other plans for us. My friend and I planned weeks ahead to attend an event during the Harvard African Business Conference in March of 2013.

We purchased our tickets in advance, went shopping for our attire for the event, you know typical girl stuff.

The day before the event my friend got some devastating news about her grandfather passing, it was a hard time for her and her family so we decided that it would be best if we skipped this event.

I was a bit sad that we weren’t going anymore especially after all our preparations but hey! I had to be there for my girl.

My friend called me up the next day to tell me to be ready by 9 pm because her mom insisted that we went to the event, she knows how excited we were to attend and didn’t want us to sit it out.

I was a bit unsure of going because it just didn’t seem right until her mom got on the phone with me insisting we go. I was so excited that I would get to wear my outfit!

You that feeling you get know when you plan an outfit from lipstick to shoes because you know you are going to this event to show out. After getting dressed and taking a final look in the mirror, I slayed my outfit, face was beat for the gods and hair was laid. I was READY!

I picked my friend up and we headed out to Boston. Upon arriving at the event, it looked a bit dry and all I could think was damn I wasted an outfit on this lol! As time passed the party started to pick its momentum as the crowd grew bigger and the music was sounding better.

I noticed this guy checking me out (although he claims he wasn’t) but I caught him watching me watch him. He was busy forming that I’m looking at something important on my phone look, I guess that was his version of playing hard to get.

I don’t know what got into me or maybe it was the liquid courage but I approached him and asked if he was going to form busy on his phone all night.

He looked up from his phone and smiled! In my head, I’m like damn Sayo you got game!

We got to talking, thankfully the music was too loud so we decided to exchange numbers. Days after the party Dotun still hadn’t called me and I was like “this one’s hard to get pass my own oo!” I told myself I wasn’t going to call him, if he calls me GREAT and if he doesn’t oh well.

He finally called a few days after my rant, and he never stopped calling! Getting to know each other these last couple of years has been the most exciting thing you can possibly imagine! I finally found a partner who loves traveling like I do! Haha

For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. -Habakkuk 2:3

The Proposal

Fast forward to February 2016, We took yet another trip with a couple of friends to San Diego. Dotun convinced me that his friend was going to propose to his girlfriend.

We got all dressed up for this “friend” and I was super excited that we would be a part of the proposal, and just maybe, my baby would see how it’s done.

We got to a park in Coronado, san Diego, I blushed so hard for the girl that was supposed to be proposed to; the flowers! the candles! Like! The whole setup felt so dreamy, just what I would want for myself!

I looked back to make sure he was watching, and to my surprise, Dotun got down on one knee, I was in shock, I don’t remember anything he said, I just said YES! I peeped the ring and it was everything I wanted.

My man was on a mission with that ring!!! Spending the rest of my life with my best friend is a blessing, “the” blessing we all pray for! And this excites me!

Believe me, it’s been an easy ride these past years! We just clicked right from the start! It’s such a beautiful journey when you’re on the same page.

~ White Wedding | Photography: Dele Oyedepo D2tography

Photography: Dele Oyedepo | @d2tography
Brides Dress: Callablanche | @callablanche
Suit: Suitsupply | @suitsupply
Florist: Flowers by ila | @flowersbyila
Makeup: sickaddictionbeauty | @mysickaddiction
Hair: semXstudios | @semxtended
MC: Mc Kofi | @mckofiwilliams
DJ: DJ Emteezy | @djemteezy
Venue: Lombardo’s | @lombardosevents

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