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The body of Dr. Oji, who jumped into Lagos lagoon on Sunday evening, has just be…

The body of Dr. Oji, who jumped into Lagos lagoon on Sunday evening, has just been recovered by Marine Police



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  1. A doctor DAT has d hrt to drown himself if der is any emergency case or someone is seriously sick will he care? He will take it as if dey are bulging him

  2. People not thinking right when they do there self in ! Cause if they thinking about the pain there putting there loved ones through they wouldn’t kill there self would they now !

  3. Very sad, I wonder what he was battling with… God help us all .. and when it’s too much for us to take ,pls give us the strength to ask for help where it’s necessary

  4. Can u prove dat he has mental problem u pple should jst look at d rill fact, well every one should just keep his our her own point of view to him our her self.

  5. @wase53 I jux hope no one in ur family suffers from mental illness…Mental health is the real health…He didn’t willingly kill himself. His state of health pushed him to commit suicide. Statements like urs helps put people in silence #Speak out #zerostigma #zeroignorance

  6. @wase53 it costs absolutely nothing to show a lil compassion #depressionkills #zerostigma #zerosuicide #iammentallyaware #showcompassion

  7. He must be really wonderful…..For him to hv taken his own life, not minding the pain his family and those lovely kids that likes would go through….he’s full of wonders and wonders they say shall never end. We just hia say he dey record [email protected]_couture. Just passing by…let me coman be going

  8. @temmytukazz_couture didn’t u say d brother was your neighbor, now someone is saying he’s alive n he’s still talking n he even did a video

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