Wizkid: Singer is planning something big, but we are refusing to get excited

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, Wizkid expects the world to expect a new project. We refuse to be excited.

Fool me one time, shame on me, fool me twice, and the blame is mine.

You know the saying. We are meant to learn from our mistakes, incorporate the lessons into our lives and be sure to apply them when the situation arises again. That’s the basics that our fathers have worked hard to teach us, and their fathers before them.

We are meant to make mistakes, but in repeating that error, we become fools. We become stupid for allowing the same mistakes happen to us. We allowed ourselves taken for a jolly costly ride, whose end leaves us feeling empty, stupid, and lacking in logical reasoning.


That’s why Wizkid can never get Nigerians excited when he teases new material. The singer has fooled us all long enough to make us all look the other way when he makes promises. And that’s because from 2015 to date, Wizkid’s story has been one of false announcements, unkept promises, and failed attempts at releasing something truly great.

In that time, he hooked up with Drake and got the ride of his life on the single ‘One Dance’, which was off the “Views” album. And that jolly good ride made him become the hottest property on the continent, and pushed him into the arms of Sony Music, who were waiting for him with a big fat deal, and plenty of money.

That’s great.

But 2016 has been a good one for the singer. He pushed into the New Year with the ‘Daddy Yo’ single and had one of his best collaboration with Drake leaked. The video for that has been shot, and it’s ready drop.

Wizkid’s deal with RCA Records has been signed and sealed. Insider sources say that the man would have to come through with an album in July, and everything is being accelerated to meet that date. Prior to that, Wizkid had promised a glut of projects. 4 mixtapes and an album are expected from the man.


And now he is teasing a new date: 1-4-17.

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, Wizkid expects the world to expect a new project. He is pretty certain that something is definitely coming, and he has tweeted it twice. No one knows what will come down from Wizkid’s throne, into the arms of his people. But the guesses have been many.


A new mixtape? An album? The new song with Drake? No one knows. But what is certain is that Wizkid feels that what he has coming is big, and he is itching for us to feel the weight too, and get excited.

We are not. We never will. Because, we have been fooled before…

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