Netflix Wanted To Film 'Stranger Things' Seasons 3 & 4 Back-To-Back #BreaktimeNigeria

One of 2016’s biggest sleeper hits, Stranger Things found a winning recipe merging 80s vibes, retro horror movie references and a group of Goonies-esque friends. 

A massive commercial and critical success, the series even had Netflix reevaluating the potential of the rest of its shows, as The Hollywood Reporter explains. 

While the streaming giant recently axed fan favourites like Sense8 and The Get Down, it seems like it’s ready to go all out for its biggest hits.

Following news that a third season for Stranger Things has already been confirmed, rumours about a potential fourth instalment are already flying. And, according to THR, Netflix is keen to film the future seasons one after the other.

The reason for the platform’s haste is very simple: the network didn’t want their child actors to reach an awkward adolescent phase on film. As one source says: 

“Every time you have a show that relies so heavily on the charm of kids, you want to capture that.”

While the reasoning makes sense, the Duffer brothers and producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen refused, explaining that it’d be impossible to film two seasons in such quick succession.

The team has therefore opted to write the storylines with the advancing age of the actors in mind, meaning we’ll be looking at some time leaps between seasons. 

But before all that, we still have the second batch of episodes to look forward to set to land on Netflix from October 27

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