Niniola Proves She's The Queen Of Afro House On New Song 'Sicker' #BreaktimeNigeria

The queen of afro house returns with a new, lively song “Sicker” as she prepares for the release of her debut album later this year. Niniola scored a hat trick with this one, following the success of the other songs she released in the past year “Jigi Jigi” and “Maradona”

“Sicker” has the familiar afro house feel of her songs, which at first makes it a little bit reminiscent of “Maradona”. This is not surprising as both jams are produced by Sarz, however as the song goes on, it forms its own identity and grows on you.

(Photo: Niniola/Youtube)

In the colourful and electric video for “Sicker” Niniola ensures that she is focal point, as the video mostly features only her dancing, which works well as the song implores us to dance too!

The video is definitely a massive improvement from the disappointing visuals we got for “Maradona”, however “Maradona” was a well-loved party jam and it looks like “Sicker” will follow suit to be played on every radio station and also at every party/turn up sesh over the next few months. You’ll definitely catch us bopping to it on a night out!

 Watch the colourful video below:

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